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New Member Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Band participation is a commitment, not just for the student, but for the whole family. This guide is intended to answer some of the questions that you and your parents will have as you begin your involvement with band.
  • I'll never be able to march and play at the same time!
    Sure you will! That's why we have Band Camp! You may not believe it now, but any veteran band member can tell you that you will be marching like a pro by the end of the week. Band Camp is usually the first week of August. New students even get a few extra days beforehand to learn how to march. We publicize this date months in advance, so families can plan vacations and other activities. It's very important for all students to attend this important week of rehearsal. Please see our calendar for this year's dates.  back to top

  • I've never been on the Broughton campus. Where do I go for Freshman Band Camp and Band Camp?
    On the first day of Freshman Band Camp, we will meet in the Band Room. The easiest way to get there is to get dropped off in the back parking lot by the pods and auto shop and walk between the gym and main school building. You will see a metal staircase on your left leading to the second floor. Take the stairs to the second floor. The Band room will be directly in front of you. Ms. Harrison will let you know where to meet on subsequent days.  back to top

  • When is Band Camp?
    Band Camp begins the first week of August. We hold camp that Thursday and Friday and continue Monday through Friday the following week from 8 am to 6 pm. Please see our calendar for the exact dates this year.  back to top

  • What are Fair Share and Class fees?
    Unfortunately, the school budget doesn't cover the full cost of band or orchestra. Expenses include uniforms (and their cleaning), music arrangements, instruments, master teachers, and more. Each student is asked to share in the expenses, or pay his/her "fair share" for Marching Band or pay his/her Class Fee for any student that does not participate in Marching Band. We hold many fundraisers to help students raise funds to meet their Fair Share and Class Fees. There are several students who raise enough through fundraisers to cover their Fair Share and Class fees. In addition, our programs take trips (usually every year). These trip costs are in addition to any Fair Share or Class Fees. Many of our families earn enough through our fund raisers for their entire families to attend our trips! Visit our Fundraising page for more information on opportunities to earn your Fair Share, Class and Trip Fees.  back to top

  • Does the band perform at every ball game?
    The band performs at all home football games. Football games are almost always on Friday nights.  back to top

  • Is Band Camp required?
    Yes. We expect all marching band members to attend Band Camp. That's where we learn our field show and learn how to march as a full band. Please contact Ms. Harrison immediately if you can't be at Band Camp.   back to top

  • What is the Potluck/Parent Performance?
    On the last evening of Band Camp, parents (and anyone, really) are invited to be the first to see our show. In recent years, the performance has been followed by a potluck dinner so the entire Band family can get to know each other better. It's a fun night and usually kicks off marching season with a bang.  back to top

  • I've never been to a marching band competition. What should I expect? Do I need to have transportation to the competition?
    Marching Band Competitions are what make marching band fun! It's great to see other band's shows and to showcase our wonderful students. Competition times vary depending on the location and number of bands competing. Tentative dates are scheduled months in advance and placed on the Events Calendar. Several days before each competition, you'll receive an itinerary that will give you the specifics about call times, performance times, and return times. Students are required to ride the buses to and from the competitions, and you will be assigned a bus on the day of the first competition. One thing that makes the Broughton Band special is our food. We believe in keeping our students fed! At every competition we have a potluck dinner or lunch to make sure you don't play hungry. Depending on show times, we may eat before we leave Broughton or when we get to the competition site. Each student is asked to bring a main dish to share. After the competition as students get back on the buses, we serve cookies and fruit to celebrate a great show! Your family is welcome and encouraged to attend the competition. They should dress for the weather because they'll be outside. Early in the season, it will be hot, hot, hot. By the end of the season, they may want to wrap up in blankets (available at the Band Store!). There is an admission cost for all competitions. Typically the cost is between $7 and $10. Chaperones usually are not required to pay, however, these competitions are fundraisers for the host bands, so many chaperones choose to pay, too. There are usually food sales at competitions, too. Commemorative t-shirts, patches and programs are often available at competitions. Let your family know if you'd like to have such merchandise and ask them to purchase it; students never have the time or opportunity to do so.   back to top

  • What happens when marching band season is over?
    Marching band season runs through the last football game. The instrumental Music Program at Broughton continues through the school year with an equally busy concert band, wind ensemble, jazz band, orchestra and Winter Guard season. Concerts (usually three a year) are included on the calendar and there may be several after-school rehearsals for each concert in addition to the in-class time that is devoted to concert rehearsal. Additionally, our program travels (usually annually). Students and parent chaperones are invited to these amazing trips.  back to top

  • I've heard people talk about "sectionals." What's that?
    The Marching Band is made up of groups of instruments. People who play trumpet, clarinet, flute, etc., meet for rehearsal with just that section periodically, during and after regular rehearsal time. Each section has one or more section leaders, who are usually seniors or juniors. These section leaders are at Band Camp and will help you with your marching and your music. Sections sometimes also get together for social events.  back to top

  • What should we expect for overnight trips?
    We try to take an overnight trip each year. These trips can make great band memories! You will receive information about the trip no later than the week of Band Camp. We try to send the information out with the Freshman Welcome Packets if we have it. Examples of some of our recent trips include Universal Studios, Florida, the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia, Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. Trips are optional and are an additional cost beyond the Fair Share Fees. If you sign a trip contract, you are expected to fulfill your obligation to pay for and attend the trip. Prices are determined by the number of people who sign the contracts. Once the band commits to the trip, we must pay for it whether we go or not. We don't expect you to pay for the trip on your own. We hold many fundraisers to help you raise the money. We want every student to be able to go on the trips. We also realize that families have emergencies and extraordinary circumstances out of their control that may impact their ability to pay for a trip. If you have an extraordinary circumstance, please let Ms. Harrison know as soon as possible. Anything shared will remain confidential. As is the case for day trips, you will receive an itinerary for overnight trips as soon as we have it. Itineraries are always posted on the Broughton Band website and sent through the e-blast. We stay in hotels and before the trip you'll be asked to sign up with three other people for a room assignment. The Director makes the final decision about room assignments.  back to top

  • What do we have to pay for on overnight trips?
    Information on each year's trip is provided to all families as soon as the information becomes available. Each student signs a contract in order to attend the trip. The contract information will contain specifics on payments and due dates. Transportation, some meals, and lodging are all included in trip payments. Students will usually need to bring some money for meals not included and souvenirs.   back to top

  • Are there honor bands in high school?
    The North Carolina Band Masters Association holds auditions each year for All-State band, orchestra, and chorus. The band auditions are held in two stages: the first round is held in January, usually outside of Raleigh. Visit the N.C. Bandmasters Association to learn more about the audition process. "Central" district is our region.  back to top

  • Why do we have so many fundraisers?
    We don't want any parent to ever have to pay for their child's band experience. We hold a variety of fundraisers to help students raise money to cover their Fair Share and trip fees. This allows students and their families to pick the fundraisers that work best for their family situation and still earn enough to cover their expenses.   back to top

  • Do my parents really need to be involved?
    Absolutely! We are truly a band family and we want your parents to be part of the family, too. We're proud that the Broughton Band Boosters are one of the best booster associations in the state! Every Broughton Band parent is a Band Booster. There are many ways your parents can be involved. Ask them to take a look at the Parent Booster pages to learn more.   back to top

  • How will I be notified about band events and news?
    Every band and orchestra student receives a Charms Account when his/her program begins (band camp for marching band, the start of school for those who can not march). The Charms Account is a comprehensive website and mobile app that gives each member access to his/her calendar, financials, volunteer opportunities, uniform details, playing tests, and personal information. Weekly Blast emails are sent with details of upcoming events and responsibilities through the Charms website. Ms. Harrison has also set up a Remind App Account to notify students when more immediate notifications need to go out. Access to all of the ways that we notify students and parents will be provided to you in your Band Packet prior to beginning band camp, as well as at parent and student meetings and in class.  back to top

  • What if I have questions that aren't answered here?
    If you have ANY questions about anything, please feel free to call any member of the Board of Directors. All of their contact information is available on the website. Click on "Parents and Band Boosters" and then on "Officers and Committee Chairs" to get in touch with anyone on the Board. Ms. Harrison's contact information is on the bottom of each page of the website under Contact Us.  back to top

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